ConvertKit vs Automizy – Our Complete Comparison Guide

Author Aditya Raj
Aditya Raj Singh
Last Updated on June 25, 2020


    Neither of the tools are cheap. Both ConvertKit and Automizy will charge you $29/month for 1,000 contacts. Up until recently, ConvertKit didn't even have a free plan. In terms of the number of features, Automizy takes the lead, but that isn't to say they're necessarily better.

    In this article we are going to compare two such email marketing tools, namely, ConvertKit and Automizy. Email marketing has gained much so as the tools used for it. Follow this article and you will see step-by-step review of all the aspects of email marketing tools and who offers better features between ConvertKit and Automizy, so let's get started.

    ConvertKit vs Automizy: Overview

    In this ConvertKit vs. Automizy review, I am going to cover all the factors and features of these two email marketing tools. Reading this review will help you figure out which tool will do the best email marketing for you and which will fit your business the best, read till the end to get all the information, and choose the best-suited email marketing tool for you.

    Let’s being by knowing both the tools a bit, and learn what exactly do they do?

    ConvertKit is a full-featured email service provider or ESP and is often called the ultimate email marketing tool available in the market because of its features, automation, and ease of use which has made it gain popularity very quickly.

    On the other hand, Automizy is also an email service provider that comes packed with features to aid small and medium-sized business owners to communicate with and extend their client base.

    ConvertKit vs Automizy: Ease of use

    When you first log in to ConvertKit, it flashes a checklist and asks you several questions and customize your interface accordingly.

    When you use the email marketing tool for the first time, it displays a demo video on its page to help you understand how it works, understand the interface and get the most out of each feature. There is no main dashboard available where you can get an overview of all the aspects of your campaign, instead you can access all the different information in the respective menus.

    You will not find an option to create an email, so you have to play around with the tool a bit before you realize that you need to choose either the Broadcast or Sequences option from the menu according to your need.

    Automizy is an AI-run program but to get the automation work started, you first need to draft out the drip campaign, just for once, but optimizing a drip campaign is a very tedious task to perform.

    Along with optimizing the drip campaign, the tool asks you to:

    • Create 3 versions of mail
    • Schedule the date and time for sending your emails and,
    • Set your goal for your marketing campaign.

    After you complete all the above three requirements, A.I. takes over and initiate drip campaign testing as your campaign proceeds.

    Winner: While ConvertKit provides a video graphic demo to make its user acquainted with its interface, it is still more complicated than that of Automizy. But to get Automizy started with the campaign, you have to devote a lot of time in designing the drip campaign and the emails, after which it all becomes extremely simple.

    Our vote goes to Automizy, upon its extremely simple and automated interface.

    A/B testingcheckcheck
    Auto Responderscheckcheck
    Drip Campaignscheckcheck
    Dynamic contentcheckremove
    Event-Triggered Mailcheckremove
    CAN-SPAM Compliancecheckcheck
    WebForms & Landing Pagescheckcheck
    Mobile Optimized Emailscheckcheck
    Mailing List Managementcheckcheck
    Template Managementcheckcheck
    Subscriber Managementcheckcheck
    WYSIWYG Email Editorcheckcheck

    ConvertKit vs Automizy: Features

    Ease of import

    Importing the list of subscribers become very easy in ConvertKit if you have the answer to one question it asks, i.e.

    Do you have the permission to email people on this list?

    In general, most people obtain their contacts from the websites where the visitors put in their email, and in this case, the answer is yes!

    You can start importing your CSV in these simple steps:

    1. Identify the lists and its tags you want to add in.
    2. Export each list individually.
    3. Create a tag in ConvertKit.
    4. Finally, Import CSV.

    Importing contacts in Automizy is simple, and easy to understand and follow.

    The first step of importing in the list of subscribers is to reach your dashboard and go to add contacts, where you can put in the in subscriber details manually or import a CSV file.

    If you are uploading a CSV file, you have to make sure that all details are in the right columns or the mapping will collapse.

    Sign Up Forms

    A custom signup form creates a strong first impression and the points of entry allow you to create a deeper level of communication with your subscribers.

    ConvertKit allows complete customization of placement, appearance, and elements of the signup forms as per your need and liking. Along with the customizations, their signup forms can be embedded on all the leading website hosting and landing page builders and can be done by copy-pasting a simple line in javascript.

    Creating a signup form on Automizy is easy but it does not offer a lot of customization in the appearance of the form. To build your form, you simply need to find Signup forms in the Contacts element on your dashboard and add questions as per your need. It provides you the facility of adding in the Radio button and change colors as per your choice and need.


    Whether you need to send bulk emails or add an email to an automation, a template makes your work easy, quicker, and more attractive.

    ConvertKit offers a unique visual email template editor with which you can create attractive templates and customize it as per your requirements. Even though it offers an option of coding, but no one needs it to create beautiful emails. Emails just get so much better upon using these templates.

    Automizy has several pre-made templates to offer that can be used in all sorts of mails. These templates are fully customizable and get saved for future use. This email tool has about 10 categories of templates to offer which work for almost every business type.


    Automizy has been built around A.I. to provide automation and ease to the Email Marketing process. The owners of Automizy claim that it is the Easiest Automation Builder one has ever seen and I cannot agree more. It offers a fully integrated automation builder with such easy to understand and use interface that is unmatched in the market.

    The Visual Automation Builder tool ConvertKit has to offer is exceptionally easy and powerful which enables its user to send well-timed valuable emails to their targeted audience which further help in growing their business.

    A/B Testing

    A/B testing is a way of comparing customer’s response on two versions of a single variable, like comparing between product A and B from the customer’s point of view

    Setting A/B testing in Automizy is a relatively difficult task because for this you need to go in the technical zones of this email tool. On your dashboard, Go to Automations > Email, make an email or select a default one and click Duplicate after which > A/B Test Subject Lines > Subject Line B. Make both the lines differ from one another but have the same meaning, you can also use the suggestions given there. When you are done, click Ok and Thereafter you can toggle between the tabs to see the responses on each mail.

    ConvertKit has a similar method to do the same but the process of doing it is extremely simple. When you turn on A/B testing on your convert kit account from the broadcast tab, while drafting the mail you will see A/B option present right next to the subject line. Just change the two subjects and wait for the results.


    Email segmentation is the best friend of the email marketer because in this process you address different groups of your subscribers differently and provide them with the information of their interest, and this leads to maximum no. of clicks.

    In ConvertKit, segments are created by tagging subscriber and then grouping those tags together, so to put it in easy words, segmentation is a method of organizing you subscribers based on their activity on the emails you’ve sent.

    To create segmentations in your subscriber's list, you need to create link triggers under “Event” and find your desired tag by scrolling in the drop-down box. After tagging, you need to connect link triggers to the new email sequence which is bifurcated based upon the interests of your Target Audience.

    Automizy uses the same method of segmentation like ConvertKit, i.e. by tagging method. In this email marketing tool, the same can be done by “Contact Tags” and it offers an additional feature from which you can reach again to those of your subscribers who do not open mail.

    Winner in features: In this field, ConvertKit has a clear win over Automizy, it offers each feature with way more flexibility and customizations for its users that is unmatched by Automizy.

    ConvertKit vs. Automizy: Email Deliverability

    While using email marketing tools, the marketer needs to take care of the deliverability rate of the emails his sending out to get the most out of his subscribers, but most of them fail to do so, as a result, their business gets the maximum of its potential. To avoid that,

    ConvertKit helps in this situation and enable your emails to pass DMARC authentication so that your emails never end up in the SPAM folder. It is the only email tool that claims and proves to have 100-99% deliverability rates.

    Likewise, Automizy helps you to send out test emails to check the deliverability mails, but if your domain name is not verified by DKIM, then your emails might end up in the SPAM folder without your information, and in such a case, Automizy fails to verify the delivery status of your mails.

    Winner: to say which email marketing tool has the best deliverability of mails, ConvertKit rules over every chance of Automizy.

    ConvertKit vs. Automizy: Affiliate Links

    Your work strategy may have income from affiliate links. This means that you will need to add those affiliate links in your emails.

    Both ConvertKit and Automizy have no restrictions for promoting affiliate links using their platform.

    Winner: It's a tie as or businesses that have affiliate links as a major segment of email marketing, they can't really go wrong with either ConvertKit or Automizy.

    ConvertKit vs. Automizy: Integrations

    Email integrations are individual tools that can be combined with email marketing tools to create a complete, better and effective strategy for pitching to your clients. Integrations have proven to be extremely important in today’s marketing era, thus email tools tend to provide integrations with maximum tools a business use.

    ConvertKit offers integrations with almost all of the leading tools in the market like Teachable, Shopify, Zero BS CRM, WordPress, and almost every tool a marketer can think of.

    On the other hand, Automizy, as it’s a relatively new tool, and does not have integrations with most of the leading tools, though it does offer integrations with WordPress, Sendtric, Unbounce, etc.

    Winner: The clear win goes to ConvertKit simply because it offers integrations with a wide variety of tools.

    ConvertKit vs. Automizy: Reporting

    Email reporting is all about clear and powerful insights that are received on the email tool about how the email did which makes the process very easy to take action on for the marketer. One must view and use the insights to continually improve your email marketing strategies and create better-performing campaigns that further generate undeniable results for your business.

    In the case of ConvertKit, it offers Sequence and certified reports for which proves to be extremely valuable, these reports can be accessed by clicking on the Reports section which will appear on the top right corner of your sequence page. There you will see that reports are bifurcated into 2 sections, sidebar which tells us the action taken on the email by the subscriber and per email stats which tell the actions taken on each specific mail.

    Likewise, Automizy offers the same reporting but does not go into the very specific details of each mail, it provides the insights on each campaign and the success rate of it. The insights can be accessed by going to the Summary column available on the dashboard of the tool.

    Winner: As we all know that details help more than an overview, so in this case, ConvertKit gives better insight than Automizy.

    ConvertKit vs. Automizy: Customer Support

    While using any tool or product, one often gets stuck in a crunch and need some help fixing it.

    ConvertKit offers 24-hour online support to solve all your questions and queries. The tool also offers a separate team to help you join their creators section, which again help by solving all of your doubts.

    Automizy offers their support during business hours in the Hungarian time zone which proves to be a bit distant to solve queries for people around the globe, but they have a full team who is completely dedicated to solving user queries.

    Winner: ConvertKit wins this round for providing full customer support to all its clients.

    ConvertKit vs. Automizy: Pricing

    Automizy offers a free trial for the first 14 days to their users in which they can add in about 1000 subscribers after which the billing starts.

    In the billing process, different plans are depending upon the number of subscribers and offer the same features and facilities to all of them. Automizy charges 29$ for 1000 subscribers.

    ConvertKit offers all its features and facilities to its users which they can try for free for the first 14 days as trial after which the billing process starts. ConvertKit charges 29$ for 1000 subscribers from their users.

    Winner: well this is a very tough decision to make because both the email marketing tools offer almost the same features for the same price. Both the email tools have their pros and cons and this cannot be justified based on their costing which is the same and as per market standards.

    Who should use ConvertKit

    ConvertKit is a very powerful email marketing tool that is designed to keep in mind one specific target audience, i.e. Online creators, who can be Bloggers, Youtubers, Instagramers, and Influencers. It caters all their needs of making, designing, targeting, and segregating their subscribers and thus it does not offer much of the e-commerce features not needed by their target audience.

    Other than these, small and medium business owners and freelancers also choose Convertkit because of the features it offers at such nominal rates and the result of working on this marketing tool is super effective.

    Who should use Automizy

    Small and medium-sized businesses and marketing consultants can use Automizy to add thrust to their marketing initiatives by using Automizy's insightful, intuitive and ingenious email marketing automation to generate and convert leads (their subscribers) to sales. Automizy offers a sleek design and user-friendly interface that makes the task of managing multiple campaigns very easy, and with a powerful analytics component, it guides marketers and consultants to their desired results and all this is done with a genuine pricing.

    ConvertKit vs. Automizy: Final Word

    Okay, here comes the most awaited part, I’m sure most of you would’ve read the entire article and decided which email marketing tool will work the best for you. And here’s the deal, both ConvertKit and Automizy have their pros and cons, some weak and some strong features which will suit differently to different types of users.

    So as a final word, I would like to say that even though both the tools are amazing, ConvertKit has more features, facilities to offer in an extremely efficient way at the same price, but Automizy too stands at a very strong place, being a new tool in the market where not much people know about it, it has quite a lot many features to offer on a very user-friendly in.

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